Saturday, August 27, 2016

Free Write Friday #2 -- Loss

Since I just started back to school this week, I think it's about time to have another Free Write Friday writing contest! My 8th graders just experienced FWF for the first time, and they ROCKED it. So proud of their creativity and bravery. This teacher is one happy camper. 
Image result for happy teacher
On another note, this week's FWF topic is loss.

 Interpret that whatever way you want-- as long as it relates somehow to the concept of loss, you're in the clear! 

A reminder for the rules: 
1. No more than 500 words
2. All genres (poem, short story, essay, etc) are accepted
3. You must email it to me by this coming Friday (September 2) at

Your prize:

This week, I'm giving away a signed book plate, postcard, or an eBook of "The Feathered Egg" (a fantasy short story)! The choice is yours if you're our victor.

Your work will also be featured on my blog, and I will promote it in my author's groups. 

Write on! Any questions? Email, tweet, message, smoke-signal me!